39.5″ x 190″ x 25.5″ Traditional Wooden Canoe With Ribs


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A handcrafted classic is all we can say about this amazing watercraft. Hundreds of man-hours later, we have created a boat that is made for enjoying a day on the water while harkening back to a time of old. Tradition is alive and well in this canoe and you will certainly be aware of that while paddling along. Using only the best quality red cedar and finishing the boat with a durable fiberglass epoxy, we ensure that this product will last for many many years to come. If youve always dreamed of traveling along the lake, river or stream in classical style, breathing in the deep, rich wood grains of a time past, then this is the perfect canoe for you! Important Note: Please be aware that this canoe is a SPECIAL ORDER item which means right after you have placed the order, it will take about 60-90 days for us to build and ship it to you. This canoe measured as follow: * Length 190 inches (15.8 feet) * Width(beam): 39.5 inches * Mid Height: 12 inches * Bow Height: 25.5 inches * Rocker: Slightly Rocked * Weight: Appr 100lbs * Capacity: 750lbs Features: – Stunning beautiful clear graded cedar hull – Fiberglass adds important tensile strength and abrasion resistance to the wood – 100% western red cedar make our boats surprisingly light weight that one person can carry – Designed for a wide range of uses, comfortable with both day trip and long journey. -Great for both beginners and intermediate paddlers. – Come with a show graded set of wooden paddles.
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