Folding Electric Bike Fat Tire 26 Inch Electric Bicycle Shimano Ebike 1000W Mountainbike 48V Lithium-Battery E-bike Snow/Beach Cruiser


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BRAND: shengmilo
Color: 26 inches Green
Color: 26 inches Red
Style: Standard Type
Rated Passenger Capacity: Two Seats
Certification: CE
Frame Material: Aluminum Alloy
Max Speed: 30-40km / h
Range per Power: 40 – 60 km
Wheel Size: 26
Wattage: 1000w
Foldable: Yes
Power Supply: Lithium Battery
Voltage: 48v
Shipping from: United States
Shipping from: China

Product Description

     ★Color :Red ,Green

     ★Battery capacity:12.8AH

     ★Charging time :6-7 hours

     ★Range of mileage,:pure electric 40 km

     ★Motor power :Shengmilo + 48V 1000W

     ★Speed shift: Shimano 7 speed

     ★Tire specifications :CHAOYANG 26*4.0 Fat Tire

     ★Frame material,: Aluminum body,

     ★Seat tube material:Height adjustable range ★Aluminum alloy, 80-105cm  

     ★Front fork material :Aluminum alloy

     ★Maximum load capacity :180KG

     ★Front fork damping type spring shock absorption

     ★Brake type front and rear disc brakes


?Aluminum alloy frame

The frame is a high-density aluminum alloy frame with a load-bearing capacity of 230KG.

?12.8AH lithium battery

12.8AH high-capacity lithium battery has an absolute advantage in terms of battery life.

The battery life will be very long. The riding distance can reach 40km-60km per charge.

The removable battery can charge the frame.

?1000W brushless motor 7-level speed

1000W brushless motor can provide enough power to easily overcome most of the mountain

slopes,7-level speed suitable for various terrains, the maximum speed can reach 40km/h.

?Front fork shock absorber system

The aluminum alloy front fork shock absorber system effectively absorbs shocks, is more

durable and comes with a locking function, making your riding on any terrain more comfortable.

?XOD Disc brakes

Front and rear disc brakes provide powerful and reliable braking force, making riding safer.

?26*4.0 fat tire

A robust CHAOYANG 26 × 4.0 fat tire serves as the tire. This is specially designed for long trekking tours, regardless of whether it is taken on the road, off-piste or on the beaten track.

?Headlights and taillights

bright headlights and taillights, suitable for riding at night or in dim environments.

?Digital LCD display

M5 waterproof display, with night vision function, display distance, speed, speed level, power, light status, battery life and other data;

?Rear seat frame

thickened and widened seat frame, can be delivered, can be seated,

can be used as a backpack rack, the load-bearing capacity reaches 100KG/ 220.46 lb


1.Pedal Assist Mode:The motor will assist you with a moderate amount of power as you pedal the bicycle.

2.Fully Electric Mode:twist the throttle in any increments of power you desire to power the motor of the bicycle.

3.Manual Mode:pedal the bicycle normally as you would any bicycle.

?Foldable, lightweight and easy to carry

1. Suitable for 16-65 years old, height 165-200cm, seat height range 80-105cm, maximum load-bearing 200KG/440.92 Ib

2. Foldable, light and easy to carry, it can meet your daily short-distance travel, and it can be put in the trunk without taking up space.

Shipping List Description

       ★  Electric bicycle*1

       ★ Lithium battery*1

       ★  Charger*1

       ★  Manual *1

       ★  Gift*1

       ★  Double layer/hard carton packaging*1

Gift Description

★Tail light*1 (independent power supply and switch, two lighting modes: always on/flashing)

★LED headlights*1 (4 lamp holders, can illuminate a distance of 10 meters)

★Portable assembly tool*1

★Luggage rack*1



✅Return Policy✅

1.All our quotations have a 100% satisfaction guarantee. If you are not satisfied for reasonable reasons, you can return the product to us for a  refund or exchange. Before sending it to us, please contact us for detailed instructions on return and exchange. After receiving your returned goods, we will refund all your payments, but not including shipping and handling fees.

2. After receiving the payment, we will provide positive feedback. In order to build a healthy community, we hope you can do the same for us.We hope you understand that we take customer service very seriously. If you have any dissatisfaction, please give us the opportunity to solve the problem before giving us negative feedback. We are sure that there will always be a solution, and we do not want bad feedback at the end of the transaction.


Q: What weight are the electric bikes suitable for riding?

A: The bicycle can carry a weight of 200KG

Q:How long is the battery life of the bicycle?

A:According to the experimental data (flat road, load is 80KG),

the battery life of the bicycle in pure electric mode is 40-50 kilometers, and the battery life of bicycle in auxiliary mode is 70-90 kilometers.

Q: Is assembly needed?

A: 95% have already assembled.

Q: can you buy replacement battery

A:Yes,you can buy it in our shop

Q:I am 195 cm tall. Will this bike be big enought?

A:The frame size is 20 inches, which is suitable for people with a height of 165-200cm to ride

Why Choose Shengmilo

1. We mainly produce and sell electric bicycles, mainly electric bicycles and peripheral products. At present, most of the similar products on the market are produced by our factory, so we can provide you with perfect after-sales service and quality assurance.

2. We are committed to satisfying each customer and providing one-to-one customer service. During the purchase or use process, if you have any questions, you can always contact customer service to solve the problem for you.

3. During the store event, every Shengmilo fan can get exclusive discounts and event benefits from us.

4. When purchasing all vehicle products, the purchaser of the store can enjoy the benefits of free shipping.

Additional information

Dimensions 156 × 80 × 30 cm








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