Steel Mesh Over Fire Camping Grill Gate, Family Size


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An outdoor adventure without a hot meal can feel like a half-baked idea. That’s why we want to power your next camping trip with the over fire camping grill gate. It has a powder coated steel frame that’s welded to the steel mesh grill top for some seriously sturdy cooking. You can top it with skillets, pots, and pans for the ultimate dinner under the stars. If you’re into camping solo, we recommend the 20″” x 10″” size. It’s perfect for one or two people to enjoy an intimate meal. When it’s cooled, you can even squeeze it into a backpack. If you’re camping with a group, our 34″” x 16″” size will help you prepare a big meal for the whole group.

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Whether you’re heading to the backyard for some roasted smores, or spending a week off the grid, this campfire grill can be a game changer for all your outdoor eating. The adjustable legs make the set up simple. You can prop the grill over any fire, and when it’s time to head back to the real world, simply fold them back in for compact storage. Load up the grill with all your favorite foods and you’ll feel like you have everything, but the kitchen sink.

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