XtremeMac Global InCharge Travel Kit for iPod, iPad & iPhones (IPD-ICT-12)


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Keepyour devices powered at all times with the global charging kit

Product Information

The XtremeMac Global InCharge Travel Kit for iPod, iPad &iPhones powers up youriPod or iPhone anywhere in the world. The kit comes with asmart walladapter that automatically adjusts to the correct voltage for walloutlets between 100-240 V AC world-wide. It is also a rapid charger;therefore, your iPod or iPhone will charge two times faster than isnormal with computer charging. The included USB/dock connector cabledetaches for use with your PC and three adapter plugs enable universalcompatibility. In addition to wall charging, you can also use theIncharge Travel on the road because the kit includes a 12 V vehicleadapter. With so many power options, no matter where you go you’ll beable to rock out, relax, and stay connected.

Product Features
  • Works with iPod touch, iPod nano, iPod classic and iPodwith video
  • Power your iPhone or docking iPod model 4G or lateranywhere in the world
  • Wall charger automatically adjusts for 100-240VAC for safecharging
  • Rapid charging technology for 2x faster charging than withyour computer
  • Includes three adapter plugs for charging your iPod oriPhone world-wide
  • Detachable cable for charging with your computer
  • Includes a 12V vehicle adapter for charging in your vehicle
  • Travel pouch keeps everything together in one place foreasy travel and storage

  • Wall Charger
  • 3 Wall Outlet Adapters
  • 12 Volt Vehicle Power Adapter
  • Drawstring Travel Pouch

  • Color: Black
  • Compatibility:  iPod touch,iPod nano, iPod classic and iPodwith video, iPhone 3G (8GB, 16GB), iPhone (4GB)

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